• Slovak National Emission Information System - software tools, support and presentation of emission inventory and own reports.
  • The NEIS project (National Emission Information System of Slovak Republic) started in 1998 within the PHARE support program, particular development supported in 2001 – 2004 by DANCEE fund. The project is continually supervised and financed by SHMU and Slovak Ministry of Environment.
    The most important goal of the NEIS project is to give a very efficient tool to the Environmental Department of the District Office to improve the process of collecting and verifying the air pollution data. Consequently the data are transferred and imported to the central database on SHMU, to enable reporting and presentation.


  • CORINAIR (CORe INventory AIR emissions) - Emission Inventory tools by European Environmental Agency (EEA) and European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (ETC-ACC).
  • Within the framework of the Corinair - CORe INventory AIR emissions, the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (ETC-ACC) have developed a set of software tools to support European countries in compiling annual air emission inventories. These tools allow for a transparent and standardized, hence consistent and comparable data collecting and emissions reporting procedure in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and protocols and EU legislation.


  • Database on GHGs Emission Factors provided by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).
  • EFDB is meant to be a recognised library, where users can find emission factors and other parameters with background documentation or technical references that can be used for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals. The responsibility of using this information appropriately will always remain with the users themselves.


  • IPCC2006 Software for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories - Free download version including Energy sector.
  • IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Programme and its Technical Support Unit located at IGES in Hayama, Japan, initiated the development of new IPCC 2006 GHG Inventory Software. The purpose of this software is to implement Tier1 and Tier2 methodologies published in the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

TNO RegistER

  • Software tool for company expert on emissions to collect all data needed for calculation of the emissions, relevant for Netherlands - TNO Emission Inventory.